Suite of Analytical Applications

Suite of Analytical Applications

Anthelio's suite of analytical applications includes the most effective interoperability platform, patient engagement framework, clinical portal solutions, physician documentation, clinical collaboration and analytics reporting to benefit the delivery of patient care. Anthelio has the deep domain expertise, knowledge and skilled/certified resources to address complex information interoperability, data access, data exchange, and data improvement.

CodeGenie – The Physician Documentation Feedback Solution

CodeGenie is a unique tool that allows physicians to collaborate in real-time. CodeGenie has been designed to help providers through the coding process by collecting documentation improvement opportunities identified by coding, clinical documentation improvement teams and compliance professionals. It will also relay documentation opportunities as well as positive reinforcement feedback to providers. This education tool tracks and trends compliance with the new code set and communicates documentation choices in an interactive application to providers.

    Revenue Cycle Analytics consolidates financial and patient data from various financial systems to provide visibility and insights into the organization’s account receivables. The web-based application combines dashboards, standard reports and ad hoc reporting capabilities into a powerful analytics solution, making it easier for organizations to monitor and manage their accounts receivables. Organizations will save countless hours spent compiling, cleansing and mastering data, building and supporting interfaces and producing and distributing reports. Analytics empowers healthcare providers to reduce revenue leakage, increase staff productivity, maximize net revenue and accelerate cash flow. Revenue Cycle provides the analytics you need to identify revenue bottlenecks and manage reimbursement trends so you can focus your resources on what matters most - providing quality patient care.

The user-centered application designed to support your coding audit needs

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